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We help leaders create an operating system that accelerates company growth in a sustainable way.

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Teams that only focus on execution rarely win

Most teams with aggressive targets only focus on what they can see: KPIs, sales numbers, and projects timelines. These are important, but skipping conversations about trust is like flying a plane with a missing wing. This leads to broken agreements, burnout, and lack of trust.

Conversations about trust

  • Capacity
  • Drama
  • Priorites
  • Fear
  • Relationships
  • Communication styles

Conversations about execution

  • Alignment
  • Deliverables
  • Timelines
  • KPIs
  • Outcomes
  • Performance
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The right conversations accelerate your growth journey

Every business is unique - but underneath the hood, the DNA of all organizations is 95% the same. Teams that operate without accountability get nowhere. Teams that operate without heath eventually burnout.

Soulful Leading helps teams start the growth flywheel by facilitating honest discussions and building an operating system to:

Clarify the results you want

Identify your most critical targets so you can achieve maximum growth in less time (without having to do more).

Hold each other accountable

Create a feedback rich environment where employees feel safely empowerment to practice peer-to-peer accountability.

Improve decision speed & quality

Determine your team’s rally cry to reduce choice overload and confidently choose the actions that support what’s important now.

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3 levers drive healthy performance

We help clients grow faster by enhancing:

Leader Quality

We help executive and senior leaders facing new challenges or increased responsibilities build the key skills required to create personal, team and organizational success.

Team Execution

We help senior teams achieve their objectives faster by improving strategic alignment and building trust. Teams map the terrain that enables fast, effective business decisions and the ability to overcome obstacles together

Strategy & Culture 

We help clients clarify their strategy and ensure their culture is designed to support growth.  We anchor organizations around collective goals and a shared vision of how to get there

A clear path to rapid results

We'll walk your team through three steps


Your business is unique. That's why we conduct a team assessment that provides us a qualitative look at you and your how your team is doing in relation to the 5 primary team health indicators. Paired with a personality Type Indicator, we begin to compile necessary ingredients for the next step.


Whether it’s for an individual leader or a team, there's no better way to begin your organizational health endeavor than our two-day leadership off-site. It's a highly interactive, fast-paced session to help you or your leadership team assess your overall health, build radical alignment, and create a competitive advantage that will set you apart. 


Conducting an organizational health journey is a big undertaking. That's why we map everything out for you. The highly specialized playbook we put together for you is as plug- and-play as you can get, making it easy and efficient to integrate your customized operating system for fast, practical, and relevant results immediately following our off-site. 

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Don’t let organizational dysfunction drain your
team any longer

Every business dreams of succeeding, but the problem is that they naturally drift drift towards dysfunction .

At Soulful Leading, we know that time is the most costly commodity for our high performing clients. We guarantee that you will create a clearer strategy and more cohesive team in 2 days than most can accomplish in 2 months, or even years.