Hi, I'm Al Abdulla

For decades, I viewed myself as a reluctant leader. While those closest to me called me a “Leader of Leaders,” I was plagued by a mindset of scarcity and uncertainty. I had graduate degrees in Education and Business, with speaking demands at prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Boston College, and well over 15 years experience of leading large groups of people in organizations I founded or co-founded. But it wasn’t until I hit near burnout in 2016 and faced difficult organizational decisions that I really started connecting the dots between organizational health and growth. I started working with a couple world-class consulting firms who helped reshape my view of who I am and what it means to lead an organization in a healthy way. Today, it’s my absolute joy to spread that same care to other leaders, so that together we can alleviate suffering in the workplace. When not pursuing that passion, you can find me hanging out with my wife, Nina and our three daughters- hopefully doing something in the California sun together with our rambunctious dog :)

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