Organizational health must be handled with care

At Soulful Leading we know small business teams naturally drift into dysfunction; which eats away more than just their bottom line. A lack of cohesion and clear direction drains your bank account, your batteries and your ability to rest, putting the health of your business (and even your body) in jeopardy.

We understand how organizational health can fall to the back burner, especially during times of disruptive change. When business leaders bear such heavy burdens it's understandable why they look for the quick fix or anything immediately quantifiable for fast relief. And since most 'team development' work is a fluffy waste of time, why should you consider investing in team health?

We build human systems for sustainable growth

Imagine something different though. Imagine a fast, practical and transformative process that creates an eco-system which allows your team to rapidly function more cohesively and productively than ever before.

Research has shown that business teams function at less that 60% alignment; which is why under the right guidance, investing in organizational health will give you and your business the ultimate competitive advantage.

Soulful Leading helps leaders design a custom operating system that frees them from organizational dysfunction so they can enjoy smooth scaling without unnecessary drama.

Our approach is fast, practical, and relevant

We know all this can seem like a lot. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We'll walk you through the entire process. All you need to do is tell us when you want to start. Here’s what the process looks like once you move forward with us on your journey toward robust organizational health.


Team Health Assessment

You don't have a cookie cutter-organization, and you don't want a cookie-cutter plan. That's why we conduct a team assessment that provides us a qualitative look at your how your team is doing in relation to the 5 primary team health indicators. Paired with a personality Type Indicator, we begin to compile necessary ingredients for the next step.


2-Day Executive Offsite

You want fast results. That's why there's no better way to begin your organizational health endeavor than our two-day leadership off-site. It's a highly interactive, fast-paced session to help your leadership team assess your organization's overall health, build team cohesiveness, and create a competitive advantage that will set you apart.


Team Health Assessment

What good is it to attend a training that makes you feel good but doesn't give you a step-by-step plan to put everything into practice? That's why we map everything out for you. Our post off-site playbook is as plug-and-play as you can get, making your post session meetings more effective than most in the world to support your sustainable growth .

Investing in your team will yield an immediate return

"The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health."
-Pat Lencioni

In just hours your team will build a system based in trust that allows you to function more cohesively and productively than ever, so you can increase revenue, reduce cost and gain more margin.

Sure there's numerical ways we could try to quantify your R.O.I. We could point to reduced cost of employee turnover, increased revenue or higher productivity. At the end of the day you just cannot put a number around this stuff. The health of your organization will permeate everything in your business. This work will differentiate you from the competition, help your business grow faster, and make your work life more meaningful so you feel the return in no time.

Ready to create your competitive advantage?